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PROGRAM AUTHORIZATION 150K - APRIL 2007 Program Authorization for: Seaman to Admiral-21 (STA-21) Medical Corps Option commissioning program. STA-21 Medical Corps Option will facilitate the completion of a baccalaureate degree (Bachelor of Science), acceptance to Medical School, and the completion of a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree, by providing an opportunity for enlisted personnel to obtain a commission. PERS-4415 Community Manager Medical Corps is the Community Manager. The program manager is: Naval Service Training Command, (NSTC), OD DSN 922-9437 Commercial (901) 874-2369. 1. Program Authority: 10 USC 532, 632, 2013, 6323 and 12201 to 12209. 2. Quota: As prescribed by the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education) (N1). 3. Qualifications: 1. Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of the United States. Applicants cannot maintain dual citizenship. Waivers will not be granted. 2. Gender: Open to male and female applicants. 3. Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years old and able to complete 20 years of active commissioned service as a physician by age 62. 4. Education: (1) STA-21 Medical Corps Option participants will attend NROTC affiliated colleges or universities with pre-medical programs that confer a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. (2) Participants will be enrolled as full-time students throughout the year (including summer sessions). (3) Participants must remain at the university in which they initially enrolled and will not be permitted to transfer to another university while participating in STA-21 Medical Corps Option program. (4) STA-21 Medical Corps Option participants will be required to complete all pre-medical requirements as identified by their institution and will take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) no later than one year prior to undergraduate degree completion. The MCAT score must be at least 24 with no individual score of less than 8 within the three areaís of assessment (physical sciences, verbal reasoning, and biological sciences) or better. (5) All STA-21 Medical Corps Option participants must be able to complete requirements for a B.S. with a pre-medical concentration within 36 consecutive months from the date of enrollment. No waivers for extensions beyond 36 months of training will be approved. (6) Participants must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. (7) All STA-21 Medical Corps Options participants must be accepted to either the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) or the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) to complete the medical education component of the STA-21 Medical Corps Option. If the member fails to gain acceptance into a medical school, the member will be placed into the STA-21 Core pool and will fulfill their obligation for undergraduate degree completion as an unrestricted /restricted line officer. (8) Applicants must provide SAT or ACT scores. Minimum SAT score is 1000 (500 Math and 500 Critical Reading) even though there is a writing section of the SAT this program will not require this score for acceptance. Minimum ACT score is 21 Math and 20 English. (9) Participation in a non-mandatory co-op or work-study program will not be authorized if such participation will cause delay in the projected graduation date. (10) Selectees will not be permitted to extend their projected graduation date, cease attending classes, change majors, enter exchange programs, or transfer schools without specific approval of NSTC OD. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in disenrollment. (11) Waivers of these educational requirements may be granted by the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (N13) with recommendation provided by NSTC OD on a case-by-case basis. (12) In addition to disenrollment for academic reasons, candidates may be disenrolled because of discipline/moral problems (drug usage, civil convictions, etc.) by the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (N13) as recommended by NSTC OD. 5. Physical Requirements: In accordance with the Manual of the Medical Department, Chapter 15, minor physical defects, non-organic in nature, may be waived by NSTC, OD with the recommendation of the Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED). The candidate must meet the physical fitness weight and/or percentage of body fat standards at the time of application and at time of commissioning. 6. Marital status: No restrictions. 7. Time in service: No restrictions. 4. Source: 1. Applications must be serving on active duty in the U.S. Navy or Navy Reserve including Full Time Support (FTS), or Selected Reserve (SELRES), and Navy Reservists on active duty except for those on active duty for training (ACDUTRA) to include annual training (AT), Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW), and initial active duty for training (I-ACDUTRA). 2. Disciplinary Actions. Applicants must have no record of courts-martial convictions or civilian felony convictions, disciplinary action under Article 15 Uniform Code of Military Justice), or conviction by civil court for misdemeanors (except minor traffic violations) during the three years preceding the date of application to STA-21. Any substantiated drug abuse while in an enlisted status is disqualifying. 3. A person who is drug or alcohol dependent, abuses drugs or alcohol, or whose pre-service abuse of drugs or alcohol indicates a proclivity to continue abuse in the service or who has a record of any trafficking offenses is ineligible. 5. Funding: Selectees will continue to receive their full enlisted pay and allowances, and remain eligible for promotion while participating. An annual $10,000 education voucher will be provided to benefit each participant and paid to the educational institution attended. This voucher will be used to pay tuition, fees, and book costs only. Excess funding for vouchers will be remitted by the educational institution to NSTC as program manager. 6. Indoctrination: Before beginning full-time college studies, STA-21 participants must attend the eight-week Naval Science Institute (NSI) at OTCN Newport, RI to complete all required officer professional core competencies. While attending their selected NROTC affiliated college or university, STA-21 officer candidates will become members of the NROTC unit and drill, but are only required to take two Naval Science leadership courses since coverage of most material is provided during NSI. 7. Appointment: Ensign, USN Designator 1970, upon completion of B.S. and acceptance to USUHS; or Ensign, USNR, Designator 1975, upon completion of B.S. and acceptance to HPSP. After completion of medical school, candidates will supersede to Lieutenant, and access to active duty by lateral gain to the accession plan. 8. Active duty obligation 1. Selectees must volunteer to enlist for six years from the date of enrollment. Payment of the selective reenlistment bonus is not authorized for selectees who reenlist for the purpose of meeting this obligated service requirement. 2. Selectees will incur a five-year active duty obligation upon commissioning, in addition to any obligation incurred for medical school as noted below: (1) If a member is accepted to, and attends USUHS for four years, he/she will incur a seven-year obligation in addition to their undergraduate obligation, a total of 12 years. (2) If a member is accepted to, and attends a civilian medical school via HPSP, the member will incur a year for year obligation while under the HPSP scholarship in addition to the memberís undergraduate obligation, which in most cases would be nine years. (3) The service obligation will commence after completion of medical school, internships or residencies and will be served consecutively with their STA-21 service obligations. (4) Per Title 10, Section 632, selectees are not eligible for retirement until completion of service obligation for Graduate Medical Education. 3. STA-21 disenrollees who drop on request prior to commissioning will be obligated for five years of enlisted service from the date of program disenrollment or the remainder of their current enlistment, whichever is longer. 4. STA-21 participants who complete degree requirements but fail to be commissioned will be obligated for five years of enlisted service from the date of program disenrollment. 5. STA-21 Medical Corps Option Officer Candidates who fail to meet program requirements, but desire consideration for other Unrestricted Line officer opportunities may contact the Medical Corps Officer Community Manager for information regarding conversion to the STA-21 Core program, subject to the requirements of the Medical Corps Option Program.

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